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Get a Persuasive Message That Makes Selling Easy

Without a persuasive message, prospects will ignore you. But when your message is created using Progressive Persuasion™, it automatically attracts customers.

Progressive Persuasion™ aligns with how we naturally process information. It completely changes how your customers interact with you...

persuasive messaging makes it easier to connect with your customers


to connect

persuasive messages make it easier to gain trust from your customers


to gain trust

persuasive messages make it easier to sell to your customers


to sell

What’s the lack of a persuasive message currently costing you and your online business?

Messaging fuels your business whether you sell courses, products, or services. Offers, customer interactions, and social media...is all communication and messaging.

But most messaging is confusing and overwhelming because it’s not created the way people naturally process information. So your potential customers either ignore or don’t understand your message. And that means you’re probably losing sales every day until you fix your messaging.


    • You struggle to stand out in an overcrowded market

    • It’s hard to get people to opt-in for your lead magnets

    • You can’t express your uniqueness in one single sentence

    • The people that need your product don’t buy

    • Your marketing campaigns don’t bring in many sales

    • Your message doesn’t compel your prospects to act NOW

When your message is aligned with how people naturally process information, your ideal clients and customers will automatically self-identify. They’ll be attracted to your offers without any pushy sales tactics.

With the right persuasive message, attracting customers and selling is much easier.

Here’s how you can get persuasive messaging to do the selling for you:

  • persuasive messaging step 1

    Schedule a call

  • It is risk-free and doesn’t cost you anything. But you’ll know where your messaging is costing you revenue.

  • persuasive messaging step 2

    Get a plan

  • I'll help you uncover the actual reasons your customers will buy from you.

    You’ll get a persuasive messaging strategy that attracts your ideal clients and customers.

  • persuasive messaging step 3

    Watch your Sales Increase

  • With a proven plan, you can take a sigh of relief.

    You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to sell with a clear, persuasive message working for you.


    Hi, I’m Jesper

    I help online course creators and entrepreneurs create messaging strategies that make it easier to attract customers. 

    You’ve probably heard that we buy on emotions and justify with logic. 

    That’s true. But then the million-dollar question is...how do you elicit the necessary emotions that make your prospects buy?

    Most messaging does the complete opposite — it stops the flow of emotions. Because it goes against how all humans process information.

    So if you’re struggling with selling your courses or products. Or if you’re having a hard time getting any attention at all. You probably have a messaging problem.

    Which can be fixed…

    Progressive Persuasion™ aligns with how we naturally process information.

  • It’s easy to understand. Just like a great movie is easy to understand

  • It’s driven by emotions instead of cognitive effort…

  • So instead of being ignored, you’ll start getting attention…

  • You’ll gain the necessary trust...

  • And making the sale is easier…

  • Look around…all successful businesses have persuasive messaging

    Why shouldn’t you?

    A Message For the “Not Yet” Profitable Online Course Creator...

    What If? — EVERYTHING You’ve Ever Been Told About

    Getting Customers For Your Courses

    (Especially How to Sell)

    ...is WRONG?!


    And How successful online entrepreneurs use the 99.999996 advantage to sell — without being pushy and “salesy”

    Keep up with the times. Get ready for a radically new way of selling your course and services to a growing horde of eager customers…

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    Get the Breakthrough Customer Attraction Guide!
    dramatic demonstration message audit

    Stop Losing Customers And Sales.

    Let’s Uncover Your Blind Spots… 

    …And Find Your Hidden Money

    Apply For a Complimentary Message Audit

    dramatic demonstration make you more money

    One of — if not THE BEST — ways to prove you can help someone is to do what’s called a dramatic demonstration. You produce the promised result right in front of them. Instantly showing your can help.

    So that’s why I love doing these message audits when I have availability. 

    Here’s how it works:

    I’ll help you spot the reasons why you’re not getting more sales from your online offers…and suggest what you can do to increase sales. That's it. It’s completely free and risk-free for you.

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    five powerful psychological triggers

    As an online entrepreneur, you know how important conversion rates are for your offers — whether they’re free or paid.

    5 Human Psychological Triggers So Powerful Your Prospects Will Sign Up In Droves…

    Use psychology and science to make lead generation easy. 

    Fill your funnels, opt-ins, challenges, webinars, bootcamps, etc., with a flow of future customers…

    5 easy-to-implement strategies that’ll make your lead magnets so irresistible they’ll catapult your conversion rates.

    It works in any niche because it’s based on human behavior…

    And today, you can grab the strategies for FREE…

  • Tap into biological triggers so powerful they’re almost impossible to ignore…

  • How to use the 10X advantage to stop your prospects from scrolling past your offers… It’s way more effective than any headline tactics. p.2

  • The sure way to know if your message suffers from the “bla bla bla-syndrome.” p.5

  • A simple cure for customer confusion — that maximizes the chances of them saying yes to your offer…p.7

  • The easy way to stand out from your competition — even if your product or service is similar to others… p.9

  • The secret ingredient that can save you — even if you mess everything else up… p.11

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    Yes, I want a drove of new customers!

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