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For online course creators and entrepreneurs ...

Stop Losing Customers And Sales.

Let’s Uncover Your Blind Spots… 

…And Find Your Hidden Money

finding hidden money in your business

Keep reading to find out how to apply for a Free Message Audit.

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What are your blind spots?

Hi, Jesper here!

We’re usually too close to our own stuff...

So if you have a website, a sales page, or a landing page that isn’t bringing in as many sales or leads as you’d hoped for…

… There’s often an obvious reason why you’re losing sales — especially when you know what to look for.

People generally don’t buy the best product — but the product they understand the fastest. So a confusing message will cost you sales…

But many times, a small update to your message can have a dramatic impact on your results.

I mean…who wouldn’t want to discover some money hiding in plain sight. Right?

So the purpose of the message audit is to look for any low-hanging fruit you can quickly transform into unexpected profit.

Here are the three most common sales killers.
And there’s a high chance at least one of these applies to you…

  • An unclear message that confuses the buyer

  • Too much focus on you or your product

  • The message isn’t persuasive. It doesn’t compel the prospect enough to buy your product…or to sign up for your lead magnets

Sometimes we find nothing…but the chances are pretty good…

However, the availability is obviously limited since this is a one-on-one call. So I can’t guarantee that there are any openings right now.

But your best shot is to apply below. And I will answer you whether I have any openings or not.

There’s No Catch…

And by the way, it’s not a pitch disguised as a coaching call or anything like that.

And there are...

...Two reasons why I’m offering the free message audit

1. I’m a course creator and online entrepreneur myself. Growing your network is always good for business. And I love strategizing about communication, human behavior, and sales psychology anyway.

2. And I believe that leading with great value is the best way to form a long relationship. when you see that I can actually help you grow your business, you’re more likely to one day become a client — and/or refer my services to others.

Three things can happen after the call:

1.  It was a complete waste of thirty to sixty minutes of your time. While that has never happened yet…it could happen. Because there are few guarantees in life. But all it takes is 30-60 minutes to find out.

2.  You take the information and run with it. You Implement it on your own. I'll appreciate it if you keep me informed on your progress.

3.  If there’s mutual interest — and availability — we might decide to work more together. Again, it’s not the goal of the strategy call, but it has happened.

Here’s What You Should Do Next…

Apply right below for the completely free 30-60 min message audit.

It’s risk-free, and you’re not committing to anything. 

However, there’s no guaranteed availability.

After you submit the application, I’ll reply within a few days…

That’s it.

Apply For a Free 30-60 Min
Message Audit 

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