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Work with me...


  • You’re an online entrepreneur or an aspiring online entrepreneur.

  • You want customized, one-on-one help to grow or start your business.

  • You want a cure for confusion, overwhelm, and a way out of the info-content rat race

  • You’ve finally decided that it’s your turn to profit handsomely and to do it on your own terms…

    In short — your time is now…!

  • Work with me and grow your business

    Hey, Jesper here!

    Thanks for checking the possibility of working together. I’m selective of the people I work with, and I assume you are too. So I don’t take your interest lightly.

    However, before I accept any new client applications, I require all potential clients first download and read the Customer Attraction Guide. It’s important that you understand and agree with my philosophy on how to grow your business.

    The philosophy is based on attracting customers rather than trying to “sell your stuff.”

    We ultimately want to create a low-friction selling environment populated only with ideal prospects eager and able to buy.

    And the guide will explain this more thoroughly.

    If we work together...

    I’ll personally help you, one-on-one, create a customized business and messaging strategy. While each situation is unique, these are some crucial elements that I’ll help you with:

  • A rock-solid clarity on who you’re ideal customer is…

  • A clear and compelling message to the right market — focus your time, energy, and money only on the people who are willing/able to actually buy from you.

  • How to create all your content to position you as a trusted authority and your offer as the only logical solution to your prospect’s problems.

  • Create a customized persuasive communication strategy that automatically sells without being pushy or “salesy.”

  • Create a customized marketing strategy that continuously builds excitement and interest. When your prospect is presented with your offer, he should have already sold himself.

  • Create extreme separation in your niche— that makes competition irrelevant and minimizes price and comparison shopping.

  • Create your offer so that it’s absolutely irresistible to your ideal client…

  • The bottom line is that I want to help you make more money. And build a business aligned with your values and that you enjoy running today — and several years from now.

    Is it automatic? No. Will you have to work? You bet. Is it worth it? I hope your answer to the last question is “absolutely.” If not, you’re in the wrong spot. You see...

    …This may not be right for you…

    If you’re looking for a cheap, templated solution available to the masses, this ain’t it. There are plenty of coaches out there who will charge you a lot less money. Not to mention all the free advice out there. You could cobble together those resources into some sort of a system. Many do that — some even successfully…I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how effective that route is. Perhaps you’ve tried it…

    And if you’re just starting out and don’t have the budget for one-on-one coaching yet, I suggest you apply for the message audit instead. It’s completely free and a good way to get up and running without a serious investment. Click this link to apply.

    However, maybe you’re willing to invest in yourself today. Are you? Only you know. Is your drive for adventure and prosperity stronger than the drive for playing safe and small…?

    Remember…most people play it safe and small. There’s no shame in that. Only you get to decide what kind of a person you are…and what kind of person you want to become.

    The thing is…it’s hard to take massive action if you don’t know what action you should take. I can give you the exact steps to take, but you must bring courage.

    How to apply to work with me…

    After you’ve read the Customer Attraction Guide…and you agree with the overall philosophy…

    Go to the contact page:

    Put: “I would like to book a call” in the message body. Give me a brief explanation of why you need my help and any links to relevant sales pages or marketing material.

    And I’ll send you a link where you can book a call. That’s it.

    And it’s just a free, no-pressure Zoom call. So there’s no commitment from either you or me. 



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